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Tunisia, the 3rd Most Beautiful Country In The World

Publié par Eco-Tunisie sur 30 Mai 2012, 13:22pm

Catégories : #Economie tunisienne

Tunisia is ranked the third best place in the world to visit in 2008 according to the American newspaper « New York Times ».

Out of a total of 53 countries, Tunisia is placed just behind Lisbon (Portugal) and Laos (South-East Asia). It is followed by Mauritius, Miami Beach and South Beach. Many causes could explain Tunisia advanced ranking.

The wave of recent high luxuriously hotels equipped with modern boutiques that appeared often in old houses along the coasts and beaches and attracting a growing number of wealthy visitors , said the newspaper.

It should be remembered that the island of Djerba, situated in the south of Tunisia, has also been declared the best destination to visit in 2008 by the American Travel Guide « Trip Advisor. »




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